24-Hour Fan Repair

Fan blades can clog from grease build up, slowing the air flow through your exhaust system and kitchen. A poorly working fan may be the cause of a hot and/or smoky kitchen. Keeping your exhaust fan working properly not only helps your kitchen work cooler, it will extend its life and helps prevent the need for future fan repairs.

Hood Cleaning Inc. offers 24-hour emergency fan repair services. Our technicians will diagnose and fix problems you are having with your exhaust fan.

Hood Cleaning Inc. offers regular maintenance of your exhaust system. We service fan blades, fan belts, fan belt pulleys, check and lubricate bearings, service motors and more.

Hood Cleaning Inc. offers exhaust fan systems, hinge kits and grease containment systems. Call us at 262-798-0444 for to schedule a repair or maintenance of your exhaust fan system. You can also use our contact form to repair more information.

Protect against fires.

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